More Steel More Power

More Steel More Power

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  • 09 November,2018

Steel is the most preferred metal for the construction of large structures such as bridges, single story industrial buildings, and residential buildings.

Why a Steel Option?

While fabric-covered buildings are in high demand, some clients are seeking the steel building option.

Although the lifespan, strength, functionality and durability of Pavilion’s fabric-covered buildings are impressive, steel buildings may be a stronger permanent preference by some customers.  The cost of a fabric-covered building is somewhat less than that of a steel building and takes less time to construct.

The unique approach taken by Pavilion, to offer both fabric and steel buildings, allows Pavilion to offer a complete solution to every Client.  Complex projects require not only steel facilities, but integrated steel and fabric facilities.

 Benefits of Steel Structure:

  1. Steel is a highly durable metal. It can withstand a considerable amount of external pressure. Steel structures are earthquake resistant.
  2. Steel Structures have a good load carrying capacity unlike concrete structures.
  3. Steel structures can be easily fabricated and mass produced. They are so versatile that they can be easily assembled, disassembled and replaced.
  4. Steel structures can be constructed off-site by professional steel fabricators and then assembled on site.
  5. Steel structures are easy to transport as they are lightweight. Steel structure construction is a safe option, there are no health hazards of using steel structures in construction.
  6. Steel looks so better, compared to other structures steel looks visually appealing.
  7. Last but not least, another advantage of steel is its longevity. It lasts longer as it can withstand external pressure.

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