The Advantages of Fabric Structures

The Advantages of Fabric Structures

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  • 09 November,2018


Why Choose Fabric Structures?


In the previous blog we talked about the benefits of Steel Structures. Today we will talk about the benefits of the fabric structures.

Fabric structures are architecturally innovative forms of constructed fibers that provide end users a variety of aesthetic free-form building designs. Custom-made fabric structures are engineered and fabricated to meet worldwide structural, flame retardant, weather-resistant, and natural force requirements.

Here Are Some of the Benefits of Fabric Structures:

  • Economical – Because you won’t need a foundation, construction crew to build the structure or the costs associated with building a structure from the ground floor up, you’ll save money. You’ll also be able to service clients quicker since it only takes a day or two to get the structure erected.
  • Portable – Despite its large size, if you needed to move it you could because it doesn’t require a foundation.
  • Clearspan – Because there are no pillars holding up the structure, a fabric structure provides more space per square foot. Clearspans range from 12 feet wide to 166 feet wide, and virtually any length.
  • Fast Installation – Due to the large size of these products, a crane will be required to get it in place. But it’s still quicker to assemble and erect than brick-and-mortar construction. They are also wheel-mountable (which is popular at marinas that service large boats and ships).
  • Permanent – Although these are perfect for temporary structures, they are also used as permanent structures by airports, marinas and other industries due to their durability, low-cost and quick and easy assembly.


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