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  • 14 November,2018

Author: Caitlin Dooley

Creating and maintaining an organized schedule is essential in the day-to-day operations of any successful business. These are five of my personal tips to ensure that operations at Pavilion Structures run smoothly and efficiently.

1. Calendars and Alarm

Utilize your calendar and set alarms for upcoming appointments and meetings. Doing so will create extra reminders for when clients come in as well as ensuring tasks are done in a timely manner.

2. Lists

Writing down tasks as they are given will ensure none are missed or forgotten. I prefer to do a task list at the beginning and end of each day, so I know what I’m starting out with and what I have completed or need assistance on. Working on these lists daily helps me stay organized and maintain a regular routine.

3. Communication with the team

Communication with the operations team is very important. Since I am responsible for rentals and accommodations for field staff that work away, clear communication with the team makes sure there are no errors when booking or on upon arrival. Being able to communicate with them efficiently lets them focus on the job at hand.

4. Routine

Having a routine at home and at work makes the week run smoothly; knowing you’re not running late or forgetting anything lets you start your day on a positive note. I have a routine the night before work to have lunch prepared, clothes set aside, and an alarm set for the same time everyday. In the morning this helps to start the day clear with nothing in the way. Unwelcome surprises can end up throwing off your whole day.

5. Prioritizing

Prioritizing your tasks is very important in a fast paced environment. Knowing when to complete something and when to move on to a new task if you’re stuck lets you stay efficient and not get stuck on any one task for too long. I use my lists for that, going through and seeing which tasks are the most urgent and which ones need approval. From there you can begin to sort through and create a plan to accomplish each task without letting anything fall by the wayside.

These five techniques contribute to my success in maintaining an efficient and impactful workflow.

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