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  • 14 November,2018

Have you heard the saying “One Picture Worth Ten Thousand Words”. What about one drawing? Our drawings require a lot information on a single piece of paper. For most people, reading these drawing can be a headache but compare it with ten thousand words that might release a lot anxiety from workers who are going to be building.

First of all, where is all the information coming from? Our sales team always provides their best combo to our customers. However, in some particular cases our clients hands over a napkin with free hand sketch on it. And then, it is our turn to translate it.

Figure 1. A hand free sketch drawing vs. a professional drawing

Moreover, what is on the construction drawings? A typical construction drawing always contains title block, views, shop drawing numbering system, bill of material, dimensions, notes and symbols. There is layer by layer. It is very difficult to read simply because there is too much information. That is why the drawing lesson 101 is to know how to manage the layers. We can give different layers different line style, line weight and color to help us. After all, our job is to make everyone’s life easier and happier.

Figure 2. A section of construction drawing shows different layers

Furthermore, In-house drawing services allow Pavilion to streamline the construction process by creating an efficient communication line between general contractors, the fabrication shop, erecting crews and management. This allows us to complete projects on time and on budget.

Figure 3. Drawing is the common language


Finally, Pavilion structure specialization lies in the Design, CAD and Structural Steel Detailing. Our source of strength is mainly persisted in tension fabric building design. Our team of expert professionals is well-versed with the latest technology combined with hard work and dedication that are fairly reflected in our successful results.


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