5 Myths of Design-Built Structures Debunked

5 Myths of Design-Built Structures Debunked

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With the advent of design build structures, the industrial market has been witnessing a clockwork surge in demand. Pavilion Structures, USA, has been foremost in boosting its phenomenal prospects.

In fact, it can be said that the sheer proliferation of myths is proof of the ever-growing popularity of design-built structures. The following are the top five myths surrounding this sector of the construction industry.

Design-Build is Costly

Nothing could be farther from the truth; in fact, design-build is far more cost-effective compared to the more traditional forms of construction.

Its economy is especially due to the fact that the overall project expenditure can be estimated accurately at the outset; apart from that, being a collaborative enterprise, design built structures in USA, for instance, are peculiarly cost-effective.

Keep in mind that design-build methods entail direct communication between designer and builder. It eliminates technical disputes and ensures minimized miscommunication, thereby saving both time and money.

Design-Build Does not Ensure Quality

Many contend on the speed of design-build, eventually to discredit for its consequent slack quality. However, it is important to note that speed in no way impedes quality. In fact, quality is the foremost aim of design-build projects.

What makes it speedier compared to the traditional methods lies in the fact that the former entails simultaneous tasks. For instance, you build while you design and design while you obtain materials. The concurrent management of various sections ensures timely completion of a project.

Design-Build is not Suited for Government Projects

While it is certainly a fact that a majority of design built steel structures in USA is largely confined to the private sector, it by no means hints at outright annulment of government enterprises.

There are no technical limitations whatsoever in order to confine design-build only to one sector – it is evidently a baseless inference. There are good many numbers of federal organizations that are using design-build considerably encouragingly.

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Design-Build Decentralizes Authority

Many contend that design-build apparently nullifies the involvement of the owner. Contrary to that, the owner may be actively involved in a venture.

The owner is continually updated on the progress of a project; his or her input is integrated into the contours of the project; project presentations are provided for the approval of the owner.

The list is endless. The owner plays a pivotal role, as in any construction enterprise.

Design-Build is a Monochromatic Method

Contrary to the myth, design-build may be approached in ways more than one. There are various delivery methods. While each has its own application, it is important to note that all are alternative design-build methods adopted in accordance with particular requisites.

As mentioned at the outset, the constant myth-making is a standard for measuring the popularity of design-build structures. However, in order to integrate it into broader applications, it is preliminarily essential to get over the common fallacies doing the rounds in the market.

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