Different Manufacturing Structures by The Best Construction Companies

Different Manufacturing Structures by The Best Construction Companies

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Pavilion Structures USA is one of the pioneers of manufacturers for Fabric buildings and is recognized as one of the finest fabric building manufacturers in the USA. They have been experts in the trade of manufacturing structures throughout the United States for more than 20 years. The expert engineers here offer various customized and fabulously designed fabric covered buildings. With their head office located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Described below are the few series that the experts here deal with. Let’s take a look:

Classic Series:

These are the traditional Quonset style buildings that are also regarded as one of the signatures in terms of fabric building constructions. The features of the same could be further classified under a few heads –

Economical Price 

These types of buildings are known for their superb functionality, ease of installing, the same methods used be it for smaller or bigger applications. This model is regarded as one of the prime solutions when it comes to cold storage needs.

Completely engineered 

The classic structures are offered and ensure engineer sealed drawings, with all applicable certifications the industry requires. They are designed to meet the local and national codes that are set for the building and construction industry. With our engineered back documentation all permit documentation can also be obtained easily.

Quality is the key

The experts at Pavilion Structures take pride in the fact that there are no equals to the designs and materials that they offer. The required strength, durability and reliability sought by the customers are ensured through the use of signature square tube double truss system. Few things that make it popular –

  • These structures are packaged in a way that heavy lift helicopters can get them into the remote locations these buildings are perfect for.
  • These structures are available in – 30’ – 100’ wide by any length imaginable.
  • Easily erected to save time on install and equipment costs.
  • Can be used where permanent structures are not an option.

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Walton Series:

Pavilion Walton Series is crafted with excellence and offers the users a maximum peak height. It also offers the largest scope of eaves clearance when it comes to interiors. The whole of it is done without compromising the strength and durability that is needed in clear space design.

The series is available in any widths form 40’ – 120’. Customization is offered when it comes to the customer’s request and will fit the requirements of almost any request. This has been found to be one of the ideal solutions for the usage when it comes to storage and the repair of large machinery or equipment (the really big Stuff). The structures are engineered in a way that it can withstand wind and snow as well as the seismic for the area.

The client discussions make it clear that the experts at Pavilion Structures USA make it a point that they meet all of the expectations of the client and keep the quality intact before they deliver it to the site. We have been recognized as the pioneers in trade when it comes to steel structure manufacturers in USA, please see our portfolio for the example of various projects that they successfully undertook – Transwest Mining, Newmarket Salt and Sand Storage, Direct Disposal Corp and Welland Sand Salt Shed.

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