A Few Important Advantages Of Steel Constructions

A Few Important Advantages Of Steel Constructions

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  • 15 July,2019

Steel stands for strength. Strength denotes irreversibility, courage, confidence and consistency, which are some of the major stepping stones to success. Chemically, steel is that ubiquitous alloy comprised of iron and carbon which we cannot have enough of in our daily lives. It is also an essential construction component which contributes heavily to our civil progress in all walks of life. Structural steel, as it is called in the building parlance has umpteen advantages over many other building materials like wood and iron among others. Steel extends its sway from full-fledged metal buildings to hybrid constructions owing to its tough texture, which withstands the pangs of time.

Here’s listing some of the strengths of steel.

Light in Weight

Steel, although one of toughest alloys is very light in weight. Generically speaking steel weighs more than its other common building counterpart wood because of its density. However, during framing a steel beam weighs lighter than the lightest wood beam. Steel also weighs lesser than glulams, LVL, and parallel beams. The light weight steel is of ultimate building advantage owing to lesser requirement of labor, low shipping cost, lesser complicated building designs and simpler other structural requirements which further reduces the overhead expenses.

Thus steel buildings not only look good against the sky but also mean low construction headaches.    

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Construction Speed

Buildings now a days need to be developed thick and fast. Time is money and time saved is equal to money earned. Owing to the easy workability of steel construction is completed in record time which saves money and material, thus projecting further scope of hi tech devolvement of work and economy. Since steel constriction can be designed and executed in advance, large construction works can be safely undertaken and done without compromises thus leading to carefully completed buildings which do not crack down jeopardizing lives. The advantage of pre assembling with steel erases out chances of human error too thus making the project full proof.

Economy of Scale

Money is the matter which is heavily invested in all construction activities. Use of steel in construction works saves money by various means some of which are as follows.


Non-recyclable construction waste increases disposal costs. Steel and other metal building wastes are picked up by waste removal companies in subsidized ways with no cost to the construction company.  


Owing to the durability of steel it requires no maintenance costs to be incurred on it all over the years with the building remaining to be in shape and fresh for decades. Innovation and competition in steel production to meet rising demand of steel has led to competitive market prices marking lowest rates in the last 20 years.


Steel can withstand bad weather, seismic tremors, decay and depreciation thus lowering repair and renovation charges to the least. 


Faster work-in-progress means lesser interest payment by the constructor. 

Vastness of Use

Steel can be put to various alternative uses and hence lowering the overhead expenses further. Pavilion structures champions the cause of steel to successful steel structures design in the USA for decades.

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