Why Should You Choose A Fabric Structure Over Traditional Architecture?

Why Should You Choose A Fabric Structure Over Traditional Architecture?

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  • 15 July,2019

 What Is A Fabric Structure?

As according to construction engineering parlance, a fabric structure is a ‘form of constructed fibers that provide end users a variety of aesthetic free-form building designs’. Customized fabric structures are used in architecture around the world to erect durable, resistant, flame fighting and aesthetically appealing buildings to meet the purpose of maximum user area suitable for a variety of purposes like office, storage etc.

These types of buildings are often administered corrosion proof and UV safe coatings to fight unfavorable weather conditions or human sabotage. Fabric structures are often designed to meet construction codes, come in aesthetic colors, adjust insulation, heating and cooling systems, even various storage options.  

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There are many reasons why one should opt for a fabric structure over a traditional building. Let us discuss some such important factors which make the fabric structures unavoidable.

Money saving: Fabric constructions are cost effective to a large extent requiring little architectural design, quicker construction time and low on cost building material. These kind of buildings are of tough make and hence resist all types of architectural hazards decay, depreciation, wear and tear, accidental damages like fire and most importantly rough and rocky weather like storm, hail storm, forest fires, floods, excessive heat or cold ness etc. Hence it entails less or low maintenance cost, repair charges or re-construction expenses which yields more value for money for the client over the years. Traditional buildings, in that respect are more expensive.

Easy to make: Fabric constructions are easy and quick to make as they require simple instructions and elementary engineering. They can be erected within a fraction of the time a traditional building requires to take. This is particularly important if the user has changing preferences.  

Transferability: One of the most important attributes of fabric constructions is its portability. It can be set up as well as well as clamped down instantly, moved to as many places as wanted to, to the ultimate advantage of the user. It increases the versatility of the building giving it geographical wings and alternate uses. That demarcates the difference and the advantage of fabric constructions over traditional buildings as the latter is a permanent fixture while the former is movable. Fabric portability comes of use in places like oilfields, traveling businesses etc. In order to keep pace with the fast paced economic environment fabric structures are a must.

Easy to maintain: Fabric structures are very easily very well maintained. They are made of hi tech tensile covers which require almost no maintenance to keep fresh and functioning. They remain unaffected even in harsh and unfavorable atmospheres like chemical exposure, heat, dust or sand. Fabric structures are also equipped to resist UV rays of the sun. Traditional buildings have to repaired, refurbished and maintained with frequent incurring of cost and manpower employment, which are not required in this case.              

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