Why are design built structures popular in the construction industry?

Why are design built structures popular in the construction industry?

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Design built structures are the latest trend in the construction industry. Under this system the architectural design and the practical construction of the project is undertaken by the same company which is called the design builder or the design build contractor.

There are many construction companies which specialize in this new system of design built structures in the USA. There are two technical subdivisions of the design built delivery system which are known as the architect led design build also known as the designer led design build and the contractor led design build. This system of construction is taking the building industry by miles due to many reasons.

Design built structures have some clear advantages over traditional design/bid/building process. The age old system of construction would mean working with multiple teams for their respective jobs.

Thus appointing a designing team to chart out the blue print of the building on one hand and dealing with the construction team to manage the details of the building process would mean confusion for the client. Hence in order to restore an organized system of work the modern design built system structure is of ultimate importance.

It is in sharp contrast with the earlier system of work in terms of reducing costs, efficiency of service and much more.

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Let us check out some of the advantages of design built structures.

Team Effort

Construction work is successful only if it is a team work. In case of a traditional system of work there happens a lot of miscommunication owing to separate teams working on different aspects of the project. In case of design built structures a single team works in perfect coordination with each other to meet the client’s demand cooperatively.


With the single office responsible for the entire construction, the accountability of the project is clear and clarified in all matters. The cost incurred, overheads undertaken, work in progress, logistics, engineering, on site management, man and material management etc are all taken care of uniformly without any gap in communication.  

Effective Communication

Communication is important between the client and the building company and between the different departments of the organization. With a single company taking care of the project that can be achieved without any difficulty. Clarity and uniformity of communication keeps the budget and work both under control.

Proper Budget

With a single agency working over a particular project economies of scale can be easily achieved. Material if purchased with a pre-coordinated budget in mind and in bulk cost of operations can be effectively reduced. Proper and uniform supervision of the project further goes into keeping the budget under control.

Quality Control

With perfect coordination and cooperation between all departments of the construction quality of work can be easily maintained. Building engineering is creative science which works best when schedules are well chalked out, information is perfectly coordinated and the team works in tandem.   

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