Why Choose A Fabric Structure Over A Traditional One

Why Choose A Fabric Structure Over A Traditional One

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  • 25 July,2019

The construction industry is developing fast. Gone are the days of traditional buildings made of stones, metal or wood. These are the days of steel or fabric structures with a smarter facade and modern day advantages which are fast replacing static and magnificent golden day architectural structures in these times of quick changing technology.

In tandem with the demands of the industry the clients as well as the users are increasingly wanting to try out alternative material for their construction requirements. However, before we endorse the new age fabric structure we must study the advantages and disadvantages of the same thoroughly to make a well informed choice.

What Is a Fabric Structure?

In the architectural language a fabric structure is a form of constructed fibers which provide the builders various aesthetic free form building designs.

Buildings made of these fabrics are as adept in providing the maximum floor area to the incumbents as do the old traditional ones, owing to improved techniques of construction engineering. Hence these buildings can be used for many different purposes like spacious offices to even space stations.

These constructions are protected with special UV protection and corrosion resistance coatings which are useful in making them environment friendly as well as immune to natural hazards. There are many construction companies which offer fabric structures services in the USA, which are contributing towards changing the construction style in the states.    

Let us check out some of the reasons for preferring fabric structures over traditional ones.

Safe Anchoring

An important attribute of any fabric structure is its anchoring capacity on any leveled surface, hence eliminating the need to build them on any sold concrete foundation. This reduces the cost and time of operation to a large extent besides adding a variety of usability to it owing to its suitability on a variety of terrains.

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Natural Interiors

Fabric structures are translucent and hence allow easy flow natural light. This cuts down heavily on lighting and energy costs besides adding versatile uses of the building for example for greenhouses etc where the lighting scheme is important without any electrical burden. Natural light also adds to environmental productivity.             


Fabric structures are easy to re-mould, reconfigure and re modify hence are easily changed to suit the mood or requirements of the client from the construction. This is one area where fabric structures surely win over traditional ones as in the later case demolition is the only option for refurbishment.           

Low Maintenance

Fabric structures are easy to maintain as they are naturally weather resistant and sturdy. They are comprised of tough tensile textures which are also corrosion free thus not needing frequent repairs, re-painting or damage control. They also last long which makes them an even better component for construction.  


Apart from low maintenance fabric buildings are also easily moveable from place to place. They are most easily clamped down and re-built and hence very useful for industries like mining where frequent change of site is a must. They are also light in weight and carried easily.   

These are some of the important reasons why fabric structures are preferred over traditional ones. With better engineering techniques fabric structures are also touching newer heights of architecture with the passage of time. Trust Pavilion Structures to offer you the best fabric buildings of your choice.

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