Why Should We Use Steel in Residential Buildings?

Why Should We Use Steel in Residential Buildings?

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Steel is the construction component which is steadily changing the building and construction industry. It is that wonder alloy made of iron and carbon and occasionally of other materials like manganese which is attributed with high tensile strength, light weight and low cost.

Steel is further endowed with anti-corrosion properties and a lustrous exterior which makes it a lucrative option for building matters. Not only in construction, steel structures design in USA and elsewhere is widely used for infrastructure, tools, ships, automobiles, machines, appliances, and weapons. Steel is particularly in high demand in the architectural circles for a number of reasons.

The construction industry is changing thick and fast. Traditional buildings made of wood, stone, bricks or other metals are fast being replaced with new and improved material and manufacturing standards. Fast moving requirements and quick changing techniques require a dependable raw material which can serve the smart quotient of today’s times with effect.

There are various demands in the field of architecture for different kinds of buildings. They include residential buildings, commercial complexes, offices of different corporate houses, entertainment zones, amphitheaters, educational institutes etc. Of all the requirements steel is one of the best suited for residential buildings.

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Let us check out why.

Strength, Beauty and Designing Creativity

Steel is widely acclaimed for its toughness, glamour and the creative quality for being a designer’s delight. An architect has the ultimate freedom of expression with steel given its freedom with color, texture and shape.

The number of architectural dimensions that can be created with steel is worth considering the alloy as the ultimately dependable component for creating super homes for all.

Fast and Effective Resource

Steel is easily available and assembled in all seasons. Steel components are readily manufactured away from the site with minimum cost and labor.

Steel frames are erected in lesser time with minimum excavation required even on challenging sites as it needs very few points of contacts. These qualities of steel translate to economies of scale.


Steel structures are most easily changed with the changing needs of the time. Now-a-days a client’s residential demands often require the engineers to refurbish the frames into hi tech interiors.

With the help of steel non-composite steel beams can be made composite with the existing floor slab and cover plates added to the beams for increased strength.


After demolishing steel framed building the steel parts can be reused or circulated into the steel industries’ closed loop for further melt down and repurposing.

Steel is never wasted and can be recycled endlessly thus saving natural resources. A large part of steel is produced from recycled steel.


Steel withstands natural calamities, harsh weather, oxidation, fire, heat and even earthquake. Added to that advanced architectural techniques contribute further to reduction of fire extinguishing needs.

Steel is also ductile and flexible which bends but does not break making it earth quake resistant.    

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