Top Three Misconceptions to Know About Fabric Covered Buildings

Top Three Misconceptions to Know About Fabric Covered Buildings

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The tension fabric buildings, hoop buildings, and the fabric structures all come under the Cover-all buildings. The fabric-covered buildings are available in the market for the last 50 years and these structures are used in storage facilities and shelters.

The building usage has been stretched from small garage structures to the carports, agricultural storage facilities to the large recycling facilities. Even the fabric building structures are used to make the salt storage buildings. Leading fabric-covered buildings fabricators like Pavilion Structures that have experience of more than 22 years.

The fabric-covered buildings are gaining importance among the construction companies due to their wide range of applications and benefits. But there are certain misconceptions about the fabric-covered buildings like the building applications, longevity, and durability.

Top Three Misconceptions You Must Know About Fabric Buildings:


The Fabric-Covered Buildings Are Only Applicable At Agricultural Sectors

It was believed that the fabric structures are only applicable to the farming site, but it is seen that recently about 50% of the fabric buildings are bought for commercial and non-agricultural usage. The fabric-covered buildings are becoming the preferred choice for most of the storage facilities. These structures are widely used in salt storage, warehousing storage, waste recycling and many more.

These structures are also applicable to making recreation buildings. The fabric structures are ideal for the event centers, outdoor rinks, and other outdoor facilities. Even the modern barns used for dairy, sheep farmers, goats, and beef are being constructed with the help of the fabric buildings. As these structures have open floor design, they allow natural light and improve air health, proper breeding and production of the cattle or livestock.


Fabric Buildings Are Not So Durable

Not all the fabric buildings are made with similar building materials and hence the durability is not equal. However, all the pre-engineered fabric buildings are made to withstand the local weather conditions and to protect the occupancy located inside. The fabric-covered buildings are custom made as per the project requirement.

The factors considered before constructing the fabric structures include site-specific building codes, local weather loads and the occupation categories. When the fabric structures are installed in the right manner, they are highly durable and will last for a longer time.


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Fabric Covers Do Not Last Long

If the fabric covers are installed properly, they can last for more than 20 years, depending upon the normal weather conditions. There is no chance of fire risk on the area after the installation of the fabric structures. The fabric covers allow the fire and flame to escape without spreading much.

There are a few more benefits of using fabric structures. They are used as permanent, portable and temporary structures. They are used to make various custom accessories like doors, insulation, sidewalls, windows, and eaves. They are used in the application of electrical, cooling and heating areas.

Pavilion Structures is one of the leading manufacturers of fabric buildings. It has been working in this field for more than 22 years. This company understands the importance of the fabric structures as one of the best alternatives to the traditional structures.

These buildings satisfy the needs of both commercial and residential building requirements. It has a list of high client profiles that include NASA, Gamble, and Procter.

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