Top Reasons Why Architects Prefer Using CAD Design Instead Of Manual Drafting

Top Reasons Why Architects Prefer Using CAD Design Instead Of Manual Drafting

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  • 07 February,2020

Computer Aided Design or shortly known as CAD is the latest design and drafting technology that is widely used in engineering and product design sectors for several years. These days, companies are using CAD technology for Engineering design and drafting services in the construction field. CAD is largely replacing manual drafting due to its wide range of benefits.

CAD Helps in Creating 3D Models

If you have ever tried to make a 3D model by manual drafting, you can realize how difficult the process is. However, if you do not the same with the help of CAD, you can take your 2D model and easily turn it to the 3D model. Moreover, if you want to use the 3D paint for any product development, you should opt for rapid prototyping where you will need the CAD 3D Model.

CAD Is Easy To Learn and Implement

For many, CAD design is a nightmare, but it is not. The CAD design is quite easy to learn for the product designers and engineers. In CAD, you will use the simple tools that you regularly use in the computers like cut, copy, paste and delete. There are no other specific designing tricks to learn in CAD.

CAD Design Can Be Modified Easily

If you want to modify the design made on CAD, it is really easy as compared to the manual drafting process. This means that the minimum chance of modification lost from the design. On the contrary, in manual drafting procedure, slight mistakes or lost modifications can result in a huge loss of money.

CAD Designs Are Easy To Replicate

With the use of CAD software, you can make as many copies of similar designs as you want. This is the major benefit of the traditional drafting procedure. If you want to share the design in various departments or you want to give the design to the new product designing team, the best way is to use the CAD software for designing and drafting.

CAD Files Are More Secured Than Paper Filing

CAD programs have the permission control that helps restrict access from third parties who require seeing the files. This is not just helpful in file protection but also prevents unauthorized editing from individuals who are not involved in the process.

CAD Files Are Easy To Share Worldwide

In terms of the global economy, product development procedures are required to be distributed among various companies and even across international borders. In this situation, you will require having the software that can design and draft easily and also provide the facility to share worldwide.

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