How are CAD Drawings better than Manual Drawing in Drafting Services?

How are CAD Drawings better than Manual Drawing in Drafting Services?

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  • 12 August,2020

Drafting services are an integral part of building construction as they ensure the accurate execution of the architectural and design projects. CAD or Computer-Aided Design drawings provides assurance to everyone in the team of the project regarding what to do and understand the main formula of the project.

Pavilion Structures in USA have been working with drafting specialists for many years in the field of engineering design and drafting services. In all these years, we have understood that hand drawing takes a lot of time to complete. Also, what makes the situation worse is the need for corrections and adjustments, which requires a lot of time to redraw. Hence, the CAD drawing is the best way to ensure correction and precision in the execution of architectural designs in actuality.

Keep reading to find out more about the CAD drawing and how it is better than manual drawing in drafting services.

Improved Accuracy and Quality

It needs to be known that the accuracy of the drafting is based on the calculations plus on the accurate use of geometric lines and neat symbols – a depth, slope, arc datum symbols, curvature, orientation and every other feature. The most significant part is to achieve the perfect alignment and exact size along with the accurate dimensions. A smooth manufacturing or construction process is dependent on the high accuracy of the drafting services to a great degree.

However, in the case of manual drawings, human factors are inevitable as well as the amount of errors are relatively more. When it comes to CAD drafting software, it has the toolsets which do most of the basic work automatically. Also, you will get cleaner drafts out of CAD, where errors can be rectified without a trace, but manual reduces the clarity of the output.

Ready-to-Use Templates and Database

Another definition of manual drafting is that every new project is required to be started from scratch, which needs a lot of time. Even though a draftsman has a reference for the task, he will still have to draw it from the beginning to the end. In other words, hand drawing is a time-taking process, especially when it comes to complicated projects.

On the other hand, digital drafting services and software like AutoCAD comes with the feature to create a template with basic details for every individual drawing and use them numerous times in terms of requirement. The templates help in establishing a database of drafts which can be used as a footing for similar projects.

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Flexible Modification Process

Well, the drawing is finalized during the production or the construction process. In such scenarios, many changes are done, added or removed according to the requirements. Modifications require a lot of effort in case of traditional drawings because it is not easy to erase, add or redraw the details again quickly. Many times, the modifications are so large that the specialist needs to redo the entire thing from the beginning.

However, in the case of computer-aided drafting procedures, specialists take the help of AutoCAD to make all the required changes and keep the drawing neat and clean.

In the case of CAD drafting, modifications do not require a lot of time and can be done quickly and easily.

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