Metal vs. Wood: A 2020 Guide to the Ideal Building Solution

Metal vs. Wood: A 2020 Guide to the Ideal Building Solution

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  • 07 September,2020

When you are thinking about investing in a building project, your concern is usually associated with durability, strength, and budget. To be more specific – we all know that the natural elements like heavy rains, snow, wind, and earthquake are the causes which slowly damage a building over time. Hence, you would want to go for the strongest material for your construction that would last many decades.

Thus, it brings the question: Which is more reliable, wood or steel? In that case, any structural engineer would say that a material is as strong as it needs to be. It means the framing needs to be tough enough to withstand the local climatic conditions and functionality. Again, it brings us to the earlier question about which material is better for construction purposes.  Read on to find more points that elaborate on the differences between wooden and steel buildings.

Less is More

A small bar of steel is capable of doing the same job as that of many slabs of wood. Well, we know that the strength of steel is much more than that of wood. Furthermore, a steel building requires columns, regular beams, and girts to resist and distribute loads for supporting the exterior and interior finishes. Generally, common steel buildings have more capacity than a wooden structure.

It also brings more benefits when an investor chooses a metal building instead of traditional wooden construction. The reality is that steel buildings are typically more durable than a wooden building, plus it provides more structural strength per dollar. That is why the demand for metal building in the USA has increased a lot in the last decade.

On the other hand, there is a conventional misconception that steel is stronger, but you need to pay more for the additional strength in a large budget for the materials. It is not true because the amount of steel required is less for the same design than wood construction. Also, the industrial equipment and fitting used in a steel building are lower in cost compared to a wood building. For these reasons, steel is preferred as the best material for industrial and commercial building solutions. 

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Excellent Designs

Opting for steel as a material for steel building brings a plethora of designs than wood for a building project. It is hard to imagine major American cities without steel buildings.  You would not be able to find the tall skyscrapers, but you will also miss the stadiums, airports, or the convention centers. Moreover, without steel, the Empire State Building is nothing more than just a design.

To be specific, steel can span a large distance that wood. With steel, it is possible to create vast open space with no columns or supporting walls, unlike wooden structures. When it comes to industrial needs, like a large meeting area for corporate headquarters or large warehouse space, a steel building is an ideal solution.

Besides the facts mentioned above, steel offers safety because it is not flammable, a characteristic that is absent in wood. Overall, steel is more structurally efficient compared to wood.

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