Fabric-Covered Vs Steel Buildings: Which Is The Right Building Solution For Your Next Project?

Fabric-Covered Vs Steel Buildings: Which Is The Right Building Solution For Your Next Project?

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  • 24 February,2021

These days, a wide range of building styles are emerging, making it hard for customers to opt for one. Whether you need an agricultural, commercial or industrial building, selecting the right style is important.

Fabric building structures are the go-to options for many due to their speedy construction and versatility. Fabric and steel buildings are the most popular building styles available out there.

If you are confused about what style to opt for, here is what you want to know.

Speed of construction

The longer the construction time is, the higher the cost. When the construction process takes a longer time to finish, it causes your operating downtime to increase. Construction projects vary depending on the type of foundation you choose, finishes, and accessories, including cooling and heating, plumbing hydro, and more.

Steel buildings take around six weeks to install, while fabric structures only take three weeks.


All building styles will need maintenance. It is worth knowing how much maintenance your building will require before you purchase one. If fabric buildings are constructed right, they can be as rigid and durable as you want them to be for decade-long.

Fabric buildings do not need heavy maintenance. Also, they are easy to repair, and you can replace a damaged part of your fabric building at a minimal cost.

Steel buildings need more maintenance over time because steel tends to rust on every screw hole. This happens due to the absence of insulation to protect the steel. UV rays can wear down the plastic washes, making them fall off over time.


Steel buildings may sound like a good investment. However, the lifespan of steel buildings has many determining factors. Corrosive materials like salt, animal excrete, moisture, and humidity can affect a steel building’s lifespan.

On the other hand, fabric buildings are famous for their longevity up to 20 years. There is no need for repair or recovery. The polyethylene covers on fabric buildings are resistant to corrosion. This makes them an ideal fit for any building application. The fabric is not needed to replace in 20 years.

Other factors

While deciding between steel and a fabric building, your budget, operational needs, application process play an important role.

Steel framed buildings are cost-effective and economical solutions. However, maintenance costs are still high. Dark interiors of steel structures offer no natural light and ventilation.

On the other hand, fabric structures need no daytime lighting due to the shadow-free interiors. During night-time, fabric’s reflective properties help disperse light from fewer units. That saves on your energy cost.

To sum it up

Installing ventilation is vital for applications. Steel buildings are meant to hold more moisture inside the building. On the other hand, the larger interior space of a fabric building helps to draw moisture up and away from the stored materials.

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