Know the Difference between Conventional and Pre-Engineered Steel Products

Know the Difference between Conventional and Pre-Engineered Steel Products

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  • 19 March,2021

The conventional steel structure is said to be the parent of the pre-engineered steel structure. Though both are used in industries, you can develop anything from steel that ranges from the small steel sheds and skyscrapers to the open space facilities. However, due to the wide range of benefits offered by the engineered steel products, they have become more popular these days. This blog will come to know about the difference between conventional steel products and pre-engineered steel products.


In the case of conventional steel buildings, they are individually designed from scratch for every project. Often the engineer has some designing tools as well. Any change or addition in the overall design, like special personalization or adding an extra design, requires customization.

In the case of the pre-engineered steel structures, which are also called the pre-manufactured steel buildings, they are designed as per the builders’ requirement. There are various designs available, and each one of them is personalized from the beginning. Special tools and techniques are required for the manufacturing of pre-engineered steel buildings.

Materials Used

In the traditional steel buildings, the manufacturers use the “T” sections that are generally standardized in particular length but can be cut, punched or bolted when required onsite. These T-sections are generally heavy, and they produce metal scraps removed from the Jobsite or taken for recycling. After the order is placed to the manufacturer, it takes about 20-26 weeks to receive the materials.

In the case of the pre-engineered structures, they are not constructed before the design is made. The members and panels are made per the need, which minimizes the number of steel structures needed and results in lightweight construction. Every single piece of pre-engineered steel is sourced from the manufacturer itself. Each of the precisions is rolled, marked, cut, and punched for making the assembly possible. Each item is included in the kit with panels, fasteners, and tested members before putting in the kit.


For the conventional steel structures, the overall weight of these structures is heavy, and you have to need a robust concrete foundation for further support. There is no chance to determine the weight of the building from the beginning. However, overestimating is better than making an insufficient strong foundation.

The pre-engineered steel structures have the added benefit of knowing the weight from the beginning that further simplifies the design. These steel structures can be customized as per the need of the builders.


The conventional steel structures’ primary frame is built from the “T” sections that can be cut onsite as per the required length. The field cutting and punching of these structures take lots of skills that will match up and can be the correct size for the bolts to get fitted, further complicating the connection. The customized steel structures are designed and built onsite too.

Pre-engineered steel structures are custom-made for each one of the buildings designed. Instead of using the T sections, the tapered members are used for manufacturing these pre-structured steel structures.

These are some of the features, which differentiate the conventional and pre-engineered steel structures. Buy pre-engineered steel buildings from Pavilion USA to have Engineering design and drafting services.

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