An Ultimate Guide To Design-Build Construction Method

An Ultimate Guide To Design-Build Construction Method

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  • 21 April,2021

Design-build is an integrated delivery procurement representation for improvement projects for either new construction or existing building renovations. A single entity works under one contract to perform both the design and construction of the project.

The overview of design-build

Design-build is a method for construction project delivery to create design built structures in the USA. The technique has been around for thousands of years. This method was initially termed the master-builder approach and was used to build wonders such as the Florence Cathedral and Great Pyramid of Giza. This method has not changed much since its inception.

It is designed to ensure projects are completed, focusing on the quality of the final product, has schedule control, and cost performance.

The role of the design-builder

Since there is only one contract, the design-builder inspects the project from the initial design concept to completion, carrying single-source responsibility. The builder is responsible for delivering all aspects of the project, which may include identifying any existing problems,  underlying causes, and fixing them from the root. 

They are also responsible for handling all contracts with other entities like subcontractors, equipment vendors, and materials providers.

What are the advantages of the design-build method?

Accounting for nearly 40% of non-residential design and construction, the design-build method has more benefits than traditional delivery methods. All in all, the building delivery method is known to get projects completed on time and within budget:

Owner risk avoided: The builderis accountable for outcomes and performance guarantees. The design and construction team work in collaboration to meet the building requirements within the available scope and budget. 

Higher quality: Owners typically work more closely with the builder to make sure the project meets expectations. Sole accountability of the builder and team collaboration ensures there are fewer gaps in the design and construction process.

Quicker delivery: Projects are usually finished more quickly as there is continual communication with the design and construction team. Due to constant and open communication, there are typically fewer delays that could affect the schedule.

Cost efficiencies: Since the designers and contractors work together throughout the construction process, there are fewer changes, claims, and less litigation. 

Is the design-build method the best option for my construction project?

Characteristics of the method must be carefully examined before choosing a building delivery method for your project. The design-build method can be implemented in a broad range of construction projects and across various industries. Projects can range from small residential remodels, large public schools to municipal renovations. 

The design-build method has been a popular alternative to traditional methods of construction. The process is known for its high levels of collaboration between the design and construction team and the owner. 

This method easily outperforms its counterparts in terms of higher quality, quicker delivery, reduced risk, and cost efficiencies.

At Pavilion Structure USA, we provide design-build services to our reputed clients at affordable prices.  If you are wondering whether design-build is the correct construction method for your project, do not hesitate to contact us.

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