Precautions to Make While Installing Steel Structures and Buildings in USA

Precautions to Make While Installing Steel Structures and Buildings in USA

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  • 14 July,2021

As a new type of building formation, the steel structure buildings have simple force, clear transmission path and require speedy construction. The steel structures are widely used in various industries, commercial places, public facilities, and other structures. Due to the wide range of uses of steel structures in the current days, more and more steel structures manufacturers in the USA are focusing on maintaining the quality of steel material during the construction process.

This blog will share some of the most important precautionary steps that the builders should keep in mind while installing the steel structures to avoid accidents and damage at the worksite.

Steel Structure Installation for Column Foot

While the column foot installation is done, there might be some issues regarding the bolts, which are not tightened due to the improper thread length of the anchor bolt. To prevent such incidents, it is better to review the top of the anchor bolt elevation during construction, and the thread length should be sufficient.

While installing the column foot with the shear key at the bottom, it is very important to reserve the shear groove as per the size. In addition, there should be no such debris as the stones in the shear grooves.

Steel Beam Segment Installation

The normal span of the portable steel beam is about 24-30 m, and the steam beam within this span should not be divided into more than 4 sections. The original design should not be considered convenient as per the site construction. In such cases, the steel beams should be divided into 6 sections while making the designs, and the structural engineer should carry out the verification as per the 4 sections made. The reviews help in reducing the on-site workload if the plan is passed.

Precautions for Splicing Bolts

The total number of bolts in the beam-column and beam-beam splicing points is often large, and there is the stiffening plate near at the point of installing bolts. Therefore, the bolt space should be reviewed during the construction to ensure the electric torque wrench and tightened.

Steel Pipe Strut Installation

The bolts that connect the pipe strut and beam and column should not be in the beam and column flange. On the other hand, it is not quite easy to construct. Apart from this, the pipe strut on top and bottom with the gutter is often moved to the outside to ensure that the downpipe can outfall smoothly.


The gutter is one of the important parts to prevent water leakage in these steel buildings. Before the steel fabrication of the steel building, the builder should then verify the purlin height for meeting the gutter depth requirement and whether the gutter height will meet the drainage needs for the middle gutter. Several considerations should also be given as per the gutter brackets for considering the gutter thickness and drainage.

Steel Structure for Crane Beam

When installing the crane beam, you should pay attention to the net distance between the top of the crane and the roof beam. These are some of the precautions to follow while you are installing the steel structures. To get the best quality steel structures, you can place orders at Pavilion Structures USA. It is one of the trusted steel structure providers in the USA.

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