Should Your Construction Project Be Design-Build?

Should Your Construction Project Be Design-Build?

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  • 19 October,2021

Technology is evolving every day. In the world of construction, the introduction of design-build technology has proved that the industry has learned from its shortcomings. Today, design-build structures are the answers to countless project management inefficiencies throughout the construction phase. At Pavilion Structure USA, we intend to describe how design built structures are helping builders keep budgets under control.

How is the design-build approach different from traditional construction?

It is overwhelming to think of a construction project where everyone is working in silos, and various conflicts arise after breaking ground. With plenty of stakeholders involved, a lack of synergy and inadequate planning could result in significant issues down the line.

The difference between a traditional approach and design-build is early involvement. In a conventional construction project, developers hire a general contractor once the design has been created. Clashes are to happen when construction begins, and contractors arrive on the site. This, in turn, results in finger-pointing, significant delays, and substantial cost overruns.

The design-build approach is designed to avoid all the disputes mentioned above. The traditional approach lacks coordination and transparency, unlike the design-build method.   

How does the approach work?

When you choose a design-build approach, everyone comes on board at an early stage after an architect completes a primary draft of the drawings without anything being finalized. An emphasis on value engineering is what sets this method apart.

Unlike traditional construction, design-build is a genuinely collaborative approach where the developer, architects, engineers, and contractors interact on a regular basis. Construction plans are created with input from all parties involved. Here everyone uses their combined knowledge to avoid disputes at any cost.

Once you break ground, the entire team of specialists remains by your side, offering full-time project management and insight into site supervision.

It identifies issues before they occur

With design-build, our Pavilion Structure USA’s construction teams review the architect’s rough drawings for any potential issues before they could affect your budget or the project’s timeline. Say there is this conflict between vital architectural elements and structural components. Design-build considers how architectural vision and building codes can coexist, aiding in a smoother design process by pulling all parties together. As soon as a clash is recognized, a solution is found, unlike a traditional approach.

Guaranteed cost saving

Prevention is always better than cure. Each conflict identified before drawings are finalized is one less change needed during the construction phase. For larger projects, those savings can run into hundreds of thousands.

Limited liability for developers

Design-build projects that Pavilion Structure USA offers are designed to guarantee peace of mind that developers can enjoy. Any conflicts that may occur during the construction phase are ours to solve. Are you feeling intrigued by design-build structures and projects? Please do not hesitate to book a consultation with our specialists today to learn more.

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