How Do You Find the Right Engineering Design Service Provider?

How Do You Find the Right Engineering Design Service Provider?

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  • 03 December,2021

All the manmade objects we see around us have an engineering design component in them. From something as common trivial as a spoon to the magnificent Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the only aspect they are similar in is that they all started with an idea, then a design, and the so on. Thus, engineering design and drafting services form the foundation of every appliance we use and structure we build. Some companies or individuals perform this work themselves in the beginning, but most others outsource this to specialists. With advances in CAD and CAE tools, making them more complex and powerful, it takes specialized expertise to utilize them and exploit their potential. This has massively increased the demand for engineering design and drafting services companies.

Engineering design uses scientific concepts, technical data, and imagination in the description and construction of a mechanical structure, machine, or system to perform prespecified functions with maximum economy and efficiency. The fundamentals involve establishing objectives and criteria, synthesis, analysis, construction, testing, and evaluation.

A proper engineering design comprises the following:

• Blends engineering knowledge with creative design
• Useful for developing products
• Needs special skills and tools
• Requires professionalism

Once a company/enterprise decides to proceed with a project or product, the next step is to hire a team of professionals or approach a professional engineering design services provider. The design usually involves structuring, and the design service company handles this structuring and the cyclic iterations involved in the process of doing so. It usually involves the following steps:

Identifying the design needs: This includes listing the product function and the customer requirements and expectations about the product features.

Research: Next comes the research phase. This involves a product survey, background requirements, determining boundary conditions, specifications, etc. This is done to form a basis to form the objectives mentioned earlier and to form a foundation for the structure or the product to begin.

Conceptualize: This involves either drafting by hand, in earlier times, or using a structural design software to create a visualization of the design concept. This is the product design. The present CAE software enables companies to virtually analyze and simulate product designs that highlight weak areas in the design that, when corrected, help companies develop product designs.

Optimization: Once the product design is made and simulated, then begins the process of optimization. This takes into account the material, feasibility, external conditions, market cost, etc., that help you optimize the product and zero in on the most optimal solution.

Implement and test design solution: The following step is to create a prototype. In certain cases, it can be made using a 3D printer. This helps you to create a product on which you can then begin testing.

Drafting is the creation of an accurate representation of a product or structure for architectural, technical, or engineering purposes. The drawings usually comprise a top, front, and side view. Although this is more common architecture, product schematics also come under drafting. Initially, they used to be done by hand, but now there are numerous CAD and CAE software available for you to reproduce your theoretical idea or mental image to something more substantial.

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