Steel Frame Buildings: The darling of workers and consumers alike

Steel Frame Buildings: The darling of workers and consumers alike

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  • 10 December,2021

The majority of steel construction is done with a type of steel called mild steel, which is an incredibly strong material. This immense structural steel is greatly advantageous for building construction. The other advantage is its flexibility—it can bend without cracking, as evidenced by steel that can flex when they are pushed by winds or during an earthquake. Structural steel framing is a cost-effective, reliable, durable, and sustainable option for various building projects.

Steel frame building in USA typically refers to constructing building frame systems where the vertical and horizontal structural elements comprise a system of structural steel beams and columns. Structural steel framing is typically designed and erected in accordance with the standards of the American Institute of Steel Construction in USA. Steel frame construction is a viable option for diverse projects for many reasons, including durability, affordability, and sustainability. In addition, the steel components can be fabricated off-site and then delivered to the construction site when needed, minimizing labor requirements and eliminating any variables in the construction time frame.

Where are steel frame structures used?

High-rise Buildings: Due to their low weight, strength, and speed of construction.

Warehouse Buildings: Due to the ability to effectively accommodate large spaces

Industrial Buildings: Due to their ability to create large span spaces at an affordable cost

Temporary Structures: Due to their quick construction time and the presence of pre-fabricated structural elements

Residential Buildings: Due to their lightweight structural elements and flexible nature.

Advantages of Steel Frame Buildings:

Incredibly Versatile:

• They are super quick to build on-site because the structural steel elements are pre-fabricated off-site. Additionally, due to being fabricated off-site, any steel hollow section, flat bar, or I beam are made using in-house facilities and are of the highest quality.

• They can also be customized to bear specific loads in various types and sizes. This also helps to save costs.

• They are flexible, making them suitable to bear dynamic forces.

• A wide range of joining methods are viable, including bolting, riveting, and welding.

• They are adaptable to any shape and able to span large distances.

• Strength and Durability: Steel frames are strong, robust, and ductile when all the components are joined together. They are lighter and stronger than weight-bearing woods or concrete products.

• Fire-resistant, pest and insect resistant, and moisture and weather-resistant: Steel frames, along with having anti-flame coatings, are highly resistant to fire, lowering the fire risk to a building and delaying the spread of it to another. In addition, they have high moisture retentive properties, depending on their carbon content.

Environmentally friendly and affordable.

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