Pavilion’s manufacturing facility has been certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) to CSA Standard W47.1 “Certification of Companies for Fusion Welding of Steel” in Division 2. Division 2 requires that Certified Welding Supervisors are on staff to control Pavilion’s welding operations as well as the services of a qualified Welding Engineer retained. CWB qualifies Welding Supervisors based on related experience, and examinations on welding symbols, weld faults, quality control and inspection methods. The welding operation is subject to third-party audits by CWB to assure continued commitment and performance to required standards.


Pavilion’s manufacturing facility and products are CSA certified.

Pavilion is certified to CAN/CSA-A660, a requirement of engineered structures under the National Building Code of Canada.  This certification is mandatory in order to obtain a building permit.

The CSA-A660 Standard was developed to provides assistance to code enforcement officials in the process of reviewing building permit submissions incorporating a steel building system, ensuring the purchasers obtain a quality building. This standard audits all aspects of the manufacturer’s process, including engineering design methods and personnel, materials control, fabrication, warehousing, packaging, shipping, erection documentation, and quality assurance in the plant.

Pavilion’s certification to this standard provides customer confidence in Pavilion’s building products and integrity of the company.


Pavilion is certified for the Certificate of Recognition (COR) throughout Canada. COR is the national standard for certification in the construction industry.

Safety in the workplace is paramount to the success of any Project. Working with a COR certified company assures you that Safety on all of our Projects is our first and foremost priority.

A COR is awarded to employers who develop effective health and safety programs to reduce incidents and their associated human and financial costs.

COR certification is now frequently required as a pre-qualification condition.


A zero-incident safety culture requires commitment from both contractors and Owners. ISNetworld (ISN) members are dedicated to achieving excellence.

ISN provides benefits to both contractors and their clients by streamlining the qualification process.

ISNetworld streamlines your company’s data management system to ease demands on time and personnel by eliminating processes, facilitating communication and promoting transparency.


As Pavilion has a team of in house engineers with diverse backgrounds, Pavilion is an active member of the APEGA (Alberta Professional Engineers & Geoscientists Association).


ComplyWorks provides our clients with a proven compliance management solution that streamlines contractor and supplier management processes to maximize business performance. ComplyWorks’ Compliance Management Solution assists organizations in the collection, verification, and reporting of critical information related to their business processes. Full alerting and reporting on established compliance standards allows our clients to monitor prequalification, site-specific performance, and contractual completion.