Engineering Design and Drafting Services

Welcome to Pavilion Structures- Engineering Design and Drafting Services

Pavilion Structures offer 3D CAD design and drafting services to build companies that need to extend or outsource their drafting resources. We work with collaboration with the clients using the latest 3D CAD software to deliver effective and detailed drawing and drafting services for projects within time and budget.


We have a team of engineers and drafting professionals who have a passion for design and detailing. We take a positive approach towards all sorts of projects, whether it is small or big.

Our drafting services include 2D and 3D CAD drafting, paper to CAD conversion, raster to vector conversion for drawing and architectural and facility drawing, sectioning, elevation planning, floor planning, contour mapping, ground cadaster planning and network planning.

Engineering Design and Drafting Services We Offer

Several established companies around from various industry verticals are our clients. We provide benefits of outsourcing of drafting and design services in the form of reduced cost, high-end results and faster TAT. Our services are-

  1. Mechanical 2D drafting
  2. 3D product animation
  3. 3D modelling and rendering
  4. Mechanical CAD drafting
  5. Prototyping and rapid prototyping
  6. CAD automation
  7. Product design and development
  8. Automotive design and styling
  9. Mechanical CAD drafting
  10. Sheet metal design
  11. Piping design and drafting
  12. Design for manufacturing
  13. Plant design management system

We provide our engineering Design and Drafting Services to clients all around the USA. We have completed various projects since date.


We have positioned ourselves as one of the leading providers of various engineering and drafting services within the budget.

Whether you want drafting services for building large-scale projects like plant design and layout or for small projects like individual component, we will help you to provide the best possible services.

Why Choose Pavilion Structures for Drafting & Design

  1. Best consulting and advisory services
  2. Advanced analysis
  3. Total project management
  4. Best engineering design
  5. Complete manufacturing capabilities
  6. Engineering design and drafting services on time and within budget

Pavilion Structures offer timely, cost-effective and innovative engineering solutions that address all your construction needs. To know more, consult our engineering team now!