Located at the Lake Tobias Wildlife Park in Lake Tobias, PA, USA. Pavilion project consists of two custom designed and engineered buildings for a zoo exhibit expansion at the park. These highly custom structures are designed for the unique needs of the customers and animals of the Lake Tobias Wildlife


Pavilion was chosen due to our ability to adapt our structures to the needs of the customer. We were the only supplier that was able and willing to customize to provide Lake Tobias Wildlife Park with the buildings that met their specifications. These buildings were not like any structure Pavilion had built previously as the majority of the SpiderWeave™ material was removed and replaced with a security mesh/wire. There was only a small amount of SpiderWeave™ material used for providing shade coverage for the animals, as the building had to be open for viewing from all sides.

Careful consideration had to be taken with adapting the structure for the fitting of the security mesh/wire and Pavilion had to design a custom attachment for seamlessly connecting the mesh/wire to the SpiderWeave™ material.