Located in Maple Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Directly situated on the Pacific Ocean. Used to house yachts ranging from $5 to $10 million. Canadian waters are some of the safest waters in the world and are a secure place for storing expensive vessels as theft from piracy is minimized.



When Pavilion was approached to build these custom floating buildings Maple Bay Marina was not satisfied with the solutions other suppliers were able to provide. Pavilion custom engineered these building to the customer’s specifications, focusing on the needs of the end users. With the assistance of the customer Pavilion was able to design a floating fabric building that is unmatched in the industry.

One of the reasons that Pavilion fabric buildings are the paramount choice for this application is in the unfortunate event of a fire, the polyethylene roof material is designed to melt and allow the heat to dissipate through the roof. The buildings walls are metal and the fire will be controlled not spread to neighbouring buildings. This design protects the surrounding vessels and makes the fabric structure solution invaluable.

Marine Building design specifics: Floats are site specifically designed and engineered to carry the weight of the building and are designed to float 18” above water with the weight of building. Each yacht enclosure has a special design to allow for full ventilation to reduce condensation within the building. Fabric roll up doors are installed, engineered and manufactured specifically for each application. There is a mechanical and parts room in the building. Mezzanine with office space is optional feature that can be added to any building. Pavilion designs all marine boat shelters to meet the International Building and Fire Code.