Pre-engineered steel buildings usa  AFFORDABLE CLASSIC DESIGN ON STEEL BUILDINGS

Founded in the year 1984, NCI is considered as one of the top designers, manufacturers, and vendors of steel building structures, metal coatings, and building components for commercial; or non-residential construction in North America.

Almost anywhere you go and look, you will find steel building products manufactured and designed by NCI. NCI Pre-engineered steel buildings in USA are most common in schools your kids go to, stores you shop in, and factories producing various goods.

NCI deals with non-residential construction industry which represents nearly 89 percent of the total construction industry. Primarily NCI serves the low-rise market consisting of five or fewer storied buildings. With the team of dedicated workers, we cater to our customers the best steel structures design in USA.

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Huge Production Space:

We understand the requirements of modern day customers and the space needed to manufacture steel building products.  We have over 5 million square feet of production space to design built structures in USA. Commercial Steel building constructions are often bulky and need extra accommodation space. NCI takes extra effort to design excellent pre-engineered buildings to satisfy customer needs from various backgrounds.

Versatile Products:

NCI manufactures everything from roof and wall systems to structural framing and roll-up doors. Our team of dedicated workers makes endless efforts to make some of the excellent steel products for your non-residential projects. We also design built steel structures in USA and produce custom-designed multi-story buildings to enable our customers to enjoy structural benefits.

steel structures design in USA

Serve Broad Customer Base:

We have a broad customer base in the building construction industry that includes manufacturers, contractors, mining and energy companies, retailers, wholesalers, schools, governments, and do-it-yourselfers. With a prestigious reputation in the industry, there are chances you will come across NCI’s products wherever steel buildings are built.

Reputed Entity:

NCI has a long-standing reputation as being among the top steel building manufacturers in the world.  They are recognized for their award-winning designs and engineering expertise.  Their ingenuity provides the customer with the most innovative solutions for superior quality steel construction. We believe in construction strength, customization, and cost efficiency.


With the combined resources of both NCI and Pavilion, Pavilion offers clients the most cost-effective and quality solution to their building construction requirements. No matter where your project is located, Pavilion assures you of the best steel building products. As we have wide-spread builder’s network, you can save on the shipping costs and receive the most expedient construction available.