Helping you through the red tape.

Pavilion’s expertise in the construction industry can help you successfully attain the development and building permit approval you require.

Each jurisdiction has very specific codes which are unique compared to other regions. We can assist you in attaining all the necessary applications, forms and documentation, as well as manage the information required for the site specifications.

Steel Fabrication

Pavilion’s facilities are CWB W47.1 and CSA A660 certified for structural steel fabrication. We provide a full range of customized steel fabrication services for our customers’ buildings or their other structures.

Permit Assistance:

Being one of the most renowned steel fabrication companies in USA construction industry, Pavilion can help you attain the building permit approval for your building construction. We make our clients aware of the jurisdiction-specific codes and their utilities in attaining the permit. Pavilion’s expertise can assist you to attain all necessary applications, forms, documentation, and collect information required for the site specifications.

Construction Facilities:

Our expert construction team uses their skills, cutting-edge tools, and resources to construct and install steel fabric-covered building. We specialize in constructing additions or building modifications no matter who constructed the building. Pavilion can provide a construction supervisor on the site to guide you through building installation process. Being a renowned identity in the industry, we can train as well as assist the construction crew you are working with. The experienced structural steel fabricators in Florid can help your team do the job right the first time.

Complex Design-Build Services:

At Pavilion we take up various demanding and challenging projects that require excellent structural steel fabrication services. Our unmatched competence to meet complex building design requirements has helped us establish a distinct identity in the industry. We successfully exceed each of our client’s expectation by implementing innovative methods of building steel fabric structure. We are known for our vast knowledge in the field and commitment towards the work.

The Industrial Structures We Provide Are:

  • Steel Columns,
  • Elevator Steel,
  • Steel Beams,
  • Entry Canopies,
  • Lintels,
  • Rooftop Frames,
  • Mezzanines and many more

Miscellaneous Steel Packages:

Whether you need steel stairs, railings, or gates, we’ve got you covered. As a full general construction company, we also take care of the internal structures as well as the exterior. Our in-house engineers have years of experience building industrial and commercial steel stairs and other structures.


Pavilion has its own dedicated team of engineers- capable of transforming an organization’s dream into reality. No matter what our client’s building requirements are, they are bound to prosper with our engineers at the helm.  Our team of engineers is an expert in designing customized steel and fabric cover building structures for the clients to meet their unique needs. Pavilion’s engineering ingenuity goes beyond the steel building design. Their proficiency covers everything from foundation analysis to repairing components of a competitor’s building.

Services We Offer Our Clients:

Manufacturing Services:

With the help of accomplished engineers, Pavilion successfully provides perfect manufacturing solutions to clients’ building and storage requirements. We engineer the best designs for your commercial project and support new product introductions. Our engineering experts also offer recommendations on product manufacturing, designing, drafting, and documentation. We also endorse building structure prototypes and mechanical packaging recommendations.

CAD and Drafting Facilities:

Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Drafting facilities have ushered in the advancement in the building construction industry and engineering design services.  CAD and Drafting is a cutting-edge technology that enables engineering convenience and helps replace manual drafting of building designs. Our expert engineers prepare various building structure drawings on a computer using advanced technology. Pavilion offers its clients perfect 2D and 3D Engineering Design and Drafting Services with the help of advanced CADD technology. This service has also helped us promote overall engineering efficiency and drafting quality. We also use AutoCAD Drafting to assist clients like architects, building contractors, commercial engineers to create digital blueprint and layout. Thus, you can rely on our CAD services for quality building construction designs.

Generate 3D Models Of Building:

The non-residential industry nowadays greatly depends on CAD and GIS services to create a technology-friendly building design. At Pavilion we encourage our engineers to utilize both Computer Aided Design and GIS technology to generate 3D models for the clients. These 3D models are useful when you design and prepare a plan for constructed space. We generate the best architectural 3D models for our clients so that they understand the architectural details of a building. These models make the visualization of the construction easy and convenient.

Customized Building Animations:

We take pride in creating excellent 2D and 3D animations for your building construction. Our team of expert engineers also make efforts to create the best 3D walkthroughs for the architecture industry. We help our clients create the best visual impression of an architectural structure by using 3D walkthroughs. The animated version of the building helps our clients depict interior as well as the exterior landscape of the building.


Pavilion’s construction teams are the experts with all the skills, tools and resources to install any fabric-covered building. We can construct additions or modifications as well, no matter who constructed the original building.

Should you choose to install the building yourself, Pavilion can provide a construction supervisor on site to guide your own personnel. As the experts in the industry, we can train or assist your construction crew to do the job right the first time.

HVAC, Electrical, Lighting, Insulation

Pavilion can provide the customized installation of anything you require.
HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), electrical, lighting, insulation, fire suppression systems, flooring, facades, awnings or anything else can be added to meet your requirements.

You don’t have to go through the hassle of going through many different parties for your building accessories.

Miscellaneous Steel Packages

Whether you need steel stairs, railings, gates, etc. we’ve got you covered. As a full general construction company, we also take care of the internal structures as well as the exterior.

Our in-house engineers have years of experience building industrial and commercial steel stairs and others structures.